Common Ramset Replacement Parts

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If you’re standing underneath the opener facing the garage door, on the left Bushings and Plain Bearings right sides of the opener, use the 1/4 inch socket to remove 2 screws on each side. Next, using the 1/4 inch socket remove the screws on the front and the back of the opener securing the plastic covers at the bottom. Depending on what model you have you will have either one or two screws. If you have only 1 screw you may need to utilize a screw driver to remove the screw.

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It sounds like there is a joint or Split Bushings worn on your vehicle, possibly the strut or shock, a ball joint that needs greasing from lack of lubrication or a dry cracked bushing.

Place the bottom cover onto the frame and fasten the plate with the original screws. With the gearbox yet to be assembled on the main gear, place the frame on a test track. Gently run the frame and wheels up and down the track checking for any binding. If so, readjust the wheel set until they move freely and recheck on the test track.

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NOTE: A 2-4 steel plate is.030″ thicker than a Low Reverse steel plate and can be used as a Low Reverse steel plate substitute to take up excessive clutch clearance if necessary.

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