Valentine’s Day – Vow To Love Yourself

A major issue I think women deal with and are totally unaware of is “Managing their feminine/masculine polarities”. Coming to a richer, deeper understanding of your own polarities could work wonders on your relationship. Let me explain why…

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Men and women view the world differently, they behave differently and uphold different belief systems in any given social group or system. Being aware of what your dominant polarity is, is incredibly important. (Either your feminine or masculine polarity).

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But on a more positive note, senior (or boomer) dating is not just possible, it is thriving. Not only that, it is very decent. We are not talking about some old men or women – if you will excuse the word “old” – running around after boys and girls several decades their junior. We are talking about older singles seeking partners within their own age group or at least close.

For a moment, consider all of the hurdles that singles will go through to find a ny asian escort. Late night phone calls, obsessing over the smallest conversations we have with each other, driving three hours to spend one hour with someone and so on. I once drove through foot of snow to spend an afternoon with a woman I thought I might be interested in dating. Would I have ever left my house otherwise? It is hard from me to think of another reason I would have left the house…maybe if it was on fire. Even then, I really hate snow. My point is this: consider all of the effort we put forth for someone we are interested in and then consider how small an effort it would take to respond to an email. In this light, the fact that someone is not taking a few minutes to respond to an email is a very bad sign.

Of course, it is not wrong for a mother or father to want the best for their offspring, and it is natural to have a protective character, but sometimes they can appear a little overwhelming by applying unwanted and unneeded pressure. Although they might have your best interest as their priority, in the end they can afflict more damage than they offer in the way of help.

Another key thing routine stacks will help you do is build calibration. While you’re talking you mind will be free to think about other stuff like how the woman is reacting, her body language and so forth. A routine stack is just like a game plan. It’s your strategy for the night. When you watch a sporting event both teams have well prepared game plans they put into action. While sometimes the players improvise, just like you’ll have to do from time to time infield, they still have a general road map for how they’ll play the game that defines their style. This is the same way infield. You’re routine stack will define the style of game you run the goal you’re going for.