Why Add A Stealth Shelf To Your Car Audio System?

In the last century, we have seen car audio technology gain momentum. Starting out as a basic radio, in-car technology has come far. Now, we have complicated car audio systems, car DVD players, Bluetooth, sat-nav and GPS. All of which have been created to make car journey’s much easier and far more fun.

Ok. You’re all wired up and ready to go. Now you need to install the monitor back into the dashboard. Of all the steps this is the easiest since it’s almost the last one. Secure into the car by tightening all of the screws and replace the dash panels once you’ve finished doing that.

Most car audio components are “unbalanced” and will use these simple cables. The specification you will want to look for on the head unit is the “output voltage”. The minimum is usually 0.5 volts but 2 volts and above is common in high end units. More is better in this case. You want a high output voltage to help minimize the noise in your system. A higher output voltage doesn’t always mean your system noise will be lower but it helps. I would not consider a low output voltage to be a “deal killer” unless you plan on competing in car audio melbourne fl competitions.

For some of us we may be able to find our precious item in an online store (but we want to look for a little better price-so we don’t buy right then) but we forget the store we found it in. Or we add so many stores to my favorites that we can’t remember which store had our precious item.

(1) Always take out of your car any valuables. If you can take your stereo out -that’s great! But if not, I suggest some window tinting to try to prevent theft.

If you get bored with your own personal media, you can flip on the am/fm radio complete with graphic equalizer display. And the entire device runs onoperates on 85 watts of music enjoyment. This in-dash DVD player also has front and rear RCA outputs and an output for a subwoofer, making it easily expandable. Furthermore, the in-dash player has a full-featured wireless remote. It’s a nice feature especially for those individuals in the back seat who wish to control the audio experience. This should lessen the amount of whining and requests regarding the music that’s being played in your car.

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